Great Tips For Strawberry Picking

5 Key Tips For Strawberry Picking

Did you know that Strawberry’s are among the first Fruit to blossom in spring. What a way to cook-off the harvesting season. Also Strawberry’s are part of the Rose family. Strawberry Picking is also a great way to bring the family and friends together and spend some time out in the  sun.Below are 5 Key Tips For Strawberry Picking.

How To Pick Strawberry’s

The Basics

Remember Strawberry’s are delicate and can bruise easily. You must remember to handle the Strawberry’s with care and concern. Place Strawberry’s in a container of your choosing. I like to use the quart / pint cups similar to what the farmers use. Also any medium to small size plastic container will do. Its important to not over crowd the berry’s by stuffing the container, in order to prevent bruising.

The Five 5 Key Tips For Strawberry Picking

1- Picking season is in the spring usually for 3 to 6 weeks during April, May, and June.

2- Only Pick Strawberry's that are fully red,make sure to look under the leaves for ready to pick strawberry's while reaching for Strawberry's remember to be careful and not damage nearby plants by stepping down on them and crushing them with your knees. Also remember to respect other people who are visiting the farm for picking.

3- Look for strawberry's that have Ben damaged,and if you find damaged berry's place  them behind you in the field. Strawberry's may get damaged for various reasons but the main culprits are as follows. Sun burn,insect injury,plant rot,and crushed berry's.

4- the best time to pick strawberry's is in the morning, on slightly cold days.Also Cloudy days are great for picking strawberry's.Try to keep the strawberry's away from the sun and cool them down as soon as possible after picking.

5- Depending on the quality / condition of the berry at picking time,the Berry will stay fit for consumption for 3 days refrigerated . After 3 days the Strawberry's will start to shrivel,shrunken, and loose its bright beautiful red color.

Enjoy the above fiveStrawberry picking tips and go get picking.