4 Basic Cooking Methods You Need to Know

Let’s start with the basics. Cooking methods. Within every recipe there is a cooking method behind it. Cooking methods are the key to flavors, textures, and have the power to change a ordinary dish into a legendary dish. There are two main cooking methods when it comes to various cooking techniques.

The two methods are moist heat cooking and dry heat cooking.  where ever there is water, steam or smoke applied to your recipe it will fall under the Moist Heat cooking methodcategory , with cooking techniques such as frying, grilling, and searing will be categorized under the dry heat method. The above cooking methods are the rules for many different cooking techniques. So now lets break down some excellent cooking techniques.

1 - Braising - originated from the French word Braiser is a cooking technique / method that utilizes both dry heat, and moist heat cooking procedures. Firstly the meat is seared, than placed in a pan with different ingredients and liquid. It is than cooked slowly for long periods of time. The best foods to braise are large tough cuts of meat. Example of great braising meats is pork shoulder, beef brisket, round, and beef chuck, also short ribs are famously know for great ingredient to braise.   

2 - Sauteing – ( to Jump) this cooking method is a very popular and fairly familiar among home cooks and professional chefs. Sautéing is a cooking method where the chef needs to use high heat and very small amount of oil / fat. The purpose of this cooking technique is to cook small cuts of ingredients in a very fast process.

3 - Blanching – is the cooking method where the food ingredient such as a vegie or protein is submerged inside a pot of boiling water in till the food ingredient is fully cooked. In most cases the food is only cooked for a few short minutes, than quickly chilled in an ice bath.

4 - Steaming - is a cooking method that utilizes steam from liquid. Most of the time people steam food in a machine known as a steamer. You may also steam food in a pan. All you need is water a perforated pan and a lid. The steam does the cooking and it is great for individuals that need to have low fat diets.

Keep in mind while cooking, that every ingredient, and every cooking method has a purpose, and a set of pros and a cons. try to remember these cooking terms while making your next recipe. Lets get back in the Kitchen and start cooking.