Baking Procedures - The 4 Main Mixing Methods Explained

When compared to cooking, baking is known as a science, whereas cooking is more freelance. Meaning you can adjust the measurements in cooking based on the giving situation you’re facing at that moment but baking requires you to follow the recipe to its “T” and you cannot change anything, because the ratios in baking must be perfect for the recipe to function properly.

Baking can be quite an experience, and it is a lot of fun  Baking once you understand  a few key concepts when it comes to mixing and baking. Below I break down and discuss the four main cooking / mixing methods that you may find when trying various baking recipes.


The four main Baking / Mixing Methods and Steps 


  •  fat + dry, Pinch fat with flour until crumbly Mix by hand/ fingers
  •   add the Liquid


  • Mix fat and sugar until light and fluffy
  •  add the Eggs one at a time, mix well
  •  Add the liquid and dry ingredients alternately


  •  dry than  add the liquid

One stage(breads)

  •   add all ingredients and mix slowly until ingredients are fully mixed.

The four main Baking /mixing methods above are just a quick sample of baking methods. There are many other methods and some recipes call for complex procedures. I  just wanted to give you  a quick over view of some Baking Procedures and a quick over few of the proper steps, because it is my believe that these four  baking / mixing procedures are the basic and most important. Anyone who loves to cook and bake must understand the basic principles of these four baking mixing procedures. Thanks for reading, and now lets get back in that kitchen and start baking.