Cooking Methods

Cooking   Principles

  The Two Types Of Cooking  Methods

With in the world of culinary arts there are two  main cooking  Methods. Every cooking technique is based around one or the other cooking principles. The  two types of cooking methods are Dry heat method and wet heat method. Often  times you will find some  recipes that will combine both theory’s, and techniques which can be slightly confusing. So lets dig our fork into some basic culinary terminology and take a taste of basic culinary cooking  principles.

Dry Heat Methods ( Method #1)
·         Baking and oven roasting
·         Sautéing  and searing
·         Grilling and broiling
·         Deep Fry and Pan Fry.

 Breakdown Of the Dry Heat Method
When cooking thru the dry heat method, one will see that the heat is transferred, via, air, oil, heat or radiation. Most of the time the temperature is much higher then the wet heat method.

Wet or moist heat cooking   Methods ( Method #2)
·         Braising- Stewing
·         Boil-Simmering-Poaching
·         Steaming

Breakdown Of the wet heat Method
While cooking with the wet heat method, a cook will see that heat is transferred to the food thru, water,  steam, or smoke. Most chefs use,  wine/alcohol ,  and stalk to infuse the food to add extra flavor, and textures.

A Quick Re-Cap On The Above Two Cooking Methods

No matter what recipe you follow, weather it is baking or cooking , the recipe will call for one or the other above cooking  methods, so one must understand the difference between the two. Remember that oil and water don’t mix, so wet methods refer  to water, and anything with fat is reference to dry heat cooking.