Home Made General Tso Chicken recipe

Home Made General Tso Chicken recipe With Rice And Pineapple sauce
 The Historic general Tso Chicken recipe is usually a combination of sweetness, mild spicy seasoning, and crispy skin. The chicken is usually diced up in fairly large chunks, and has a light golden brown color. General Tso Chicken is usually deep fried and can be found at many Asian cuisine restaurants in the US. Mostly known as a Hunanese dish, this General Tso chicken recipe is a great dish that will have everybody running to the dinner table.

My General Tso Chicken recipe
·         Level Of difficulty – Medium

·         It is a three part recipe with various different steps  

General Tso Batter Recipe
Cook-Time – 10 Min For Batter preparation-30 min from start to finish
Whole Eggs
Corn Starch
1 Cup
Water ( room Temp)
2 Cups
Salt / Pepper
Chicken Breast
3-4 LBS
1 Cup
Sweet and Sour Pineapple sauce
2 cups
General Tso Batter Directions
Step 1: Crack eggs in a medium sized bowl whip in till all eggs are broken and fully beating.
Step 2: in a separate bowl combine corn starch and water. Break up the corn starch in the water in till smooth. Should be slightly pasty, and thick. (This technique is known as a slurry. Slurry’s are a thinking agent that makes sauces think and smooth).
Step 3: Slowly  mix and add the Slurry ( water and corn starch mix) in with the eggs. Set aside

The above steps is for batter preparation

Step 4: Turn fryer on and set temp for 300 degrees.
Step 5 : While the fryer is heating up, it is the perfect time to portion and cut chicken. I like to use bone less/ skin less chicken breast. 3-4 LBS. With a large or medium diced portion sized.
Step 6: After the fryer becomes hot enough, it is time to start dipping the chicken into the general Tso batter, then place the chicken strait from the batter and right into the fryer. Cook time may vary do to how large or small you cut the chicken. When the chicken becomes golden brown place on a sheet tray sprinkle a pinch of salt, and place in the oven for finishing cooking. Serve and eat.

 Basic Rice Recipe
1 cup
2 cup

Rice Recipe Directions
Step 1: In Medium – small sauce pot bring the water to a ripping boil
Step 2: Add rice to boiling water
Step 3: Cover the rice and turn of heat. (Make shore the pan is sealed tightly so that all the hot air stays in the pan to cook the rice) let sit for 30 minutes. Portion and serve.

Pineapple Sauce Recipe

Pine Apple
½ cup
½ cup
Salt /pepper
Water / stock
3-5 cups

Pineapple Sauce Recipe Directions
Step 1: Peal and dice pineapple set aside
Step 2: combine salt, sugar, water / stock, vinegar, and diced pineapple in a medium sauce pot.
Step 3: on low heat bring the sauce up to a boil and reduce by half.
Step 4: Add Slurry and reduce the sauce by 1/3.

General Tso Chicken recipe Tips
1.    Make shore chicken is fully cooked, ( 165 degrees)
2.    Make rice and sauce prior to making batter and dicing the chicken
3.    Great with any style of rice, or low Mein noodles.
4.    Add various vegetables that you and your  family members enjoy 

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