4 Quick Tips For Properly Storing Food Safely

When it comes to healthy eating, nothing is more important than storing your food and perishable items properly. Why is storing food so important? Firstly if you are improperly storing food, and edible items wrong, then there is a chance for your food to go rotten, and put you and loved ones in harm’s way of dangerous Bactria. 

Secondly if food is stored in-correctly than you are just throwing money out the window. Finally, if rotten food is put / stored incorrectly in or around healthy food, then bacterial could and has a chance to infect the healthy food and contaminate it.

The above is only a short list of things that could go wrong while improperly storing food. Dont be scared cause Now let me share with you some great easy ways to store food correctly. That way you can  keep your kitchen safe for friends and loved ones.
 Quick Tips for Properly storing food safely and securely.

Tip 1: Always wash hands /and storing equipment
Before you place the food in a tin, tub, can, jar, or anything of the sorts, it is extremely important that you wash the equipment, and make shore it is fully dried out before placing food for storage.

Tip 2: Properly labeling the food product
The keys to properly labeling the food ingredient is to put first the date that the food goes into the storage Unit, then name what is in the unit. A proper Label should look like this (7-7-15 chicken broccoli and ziti)

Tip 3: Keep Cold Food cold and hot food hot.
 In professional kitchens, chefs and cooks have a saying, keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. you see most food bacteria will start growing on food between the temperatures of 40 -140 Degrees.  The key with this temp is that you do not want food to stay at room temp for more then 3 hours, and it is very important to keep the food either hot – or cold.

Tip 4: Chill the food before storage.
 Cool down food before covering and storing. If you cover food for storage while the food is warm, then it will take long for the food to cool down and Bactria will grow on it.  One way to col food down fast and properly is to  use a chilling technique known as placing the food in an ice bath.

The above 4 tips, are great ways to help keep your food stored correctly and safely. Below are some handy equipment I recommend for proper handling and storing foods.