The Perfect Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

How To Create  the Perfect Rice Crispy Treat (My Secret Recipe)!

The secret to perfecting a delicious  rice crispy treat recipe,is very simple and sweet. First it starts with having great ingredients and your favorite brand of marshmallows. Then comes the cooking and cooling process,  followed by the slicing, cutting,and or portioning the Rice crispy treat. After many years of trial and error, I have perfected this awesome snack and I am ready to share my rice crispy treat recipe secrets with you.

The Perfect Rice Crispy Treat Recipe 
Yield: 12 portions
Time: 1 Hour 20 min ( start to finish)

6 cups Rice Crispy treat
1/2 bag Marshmallows (Roughly 4 cups)
1 cap full Vanilla extract
3 TBS Butter
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup honey


  • Medium to large cooking pot
  • rubber spatula or wooden spoon 
  • Sheet tray, or cake pan
  • Parchment paper
  • cutting utensils.  

The Perfect Rice Crispy Treat Recipe cooking procedures

1. On very low heat add the Marshmallows and let melt very slowly, stir the marshmallow frequently and thoroughly
2. After half the marshmallows melt down proceed to  add the vanilla extract,butter,sugar,and honey.let melt.
3. After all the ingredients are fully melted and mixed ( it should be smooth with no lumps,and creamy) Add the rice crispy treat and mix throughout don't stop mixing in till everything is incorporated.( about 5 minutes)
Place batter on sheet tray and then place in fridge and let stand for 1 hour. cut and serve.

Rice crispy treats make for the perfect snake for  out door bbqs,birthday party's,family reunion party's,and they make a delicious treat while you enjoy watching your favorite team take the field. I hope you like this recipe and enjoy snaking and sharing with friends and family.

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