Know Your Basics - Learn The Basic Knife Cutting Techniques That Master Chefs Use Every Day!

 Basic Knife cutting Techniques 

Weather you are a new-bie in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, one will and must use and understand various knife cuts and their appropriate cooking   uses. If you learn and understand these simple knife cuts, then it will make your cooking experience fun and easy. Every ingredient within in every recipe will use one of these knife cuts. There are   9 major knife cuts one must understand, and I will break them down for you below.

Ø  Small Dice
Ø  Medium Dice
Ø  Large Dice
Ø  Brunios
Ø  Fine Brunios
Ø  Batonnet
Ø  Alumette
Ø  Jueline
Ø  Fine Jueline

If you are new to these cooking terms, don’t worry with a little practice and passion you’ll have these  Knife  cuts down with out a problem. Now lets talk about the four different knive  movement  styles one can use to apply  the above Knife cuts.

Ø  Slicing
Ø  Back slicing – or (heal to toe slicing)
Ø  Knife rocking
Ø  Chopping

Just remember that how you cut and use your knife skills is very important while  cooking your recipes . Your knife cuts on the food will dictate  cooking times and will have a major impact on your plate presentation, so just remember to have fun and try hard to learn these various knife cuts. 

Knife accessories 

Various Knifes and Chef Knife accessories that I Enjoy