MY Shun Chef Knife Review

These Japanese’s style knives are truly in a class of its own. Known to many as Shun Knives, they can be found in almost every professional kitchen and most cooks and chefs alike use them. One of the most accomplished knife designer in the world ken Onion, is the founding father of Shun Knives, and  currently holds 36 design patents in knife designs, locks, and  metal mechanisms. He also works closely with Kershaw Knives.

Shun knives are created with a very hard mixture of metal that is known as VG 10. This metal is known for holding an age for long periods of time, and is made with  32 layers of softer steel that is warped around the VG-10 steel. This Japanese Knife technique helps keeps the shine and smooth appeal of the shun chef knife. 

 Recently Ken Onion  crated a new line of Shun chef Knives, with one thing in mind, The Chefs. This new line of Shun Chefs Knives where designed with an ergonomic feel, and classic look. The Shun Ken Onion knives are designed to relieve the stress on your arm and shoulders that will cascade relief all the way down your body. Shun Chefs knives also come with a curved handle that reduces the gap between handle and palm, and helps with better  chef knife control and comfort.

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So now that you have a good understanding of how Shun chef knives are made. Take a second and review some of my favorite chef Knives from Shun Chef Knives.