My WahlBurgers Restaurant Review

Restaurant review: Wahlburgers

The restaurant wahlburgers, is one of the best burger joints around in the south shore. Located in the vibrant hing-ham shipyard, wahlburgers is a world class restaurant is known for their superb burgers,sandwich,fresh quality ingredients, and awesome front of the house dinning room service. Wahlburgers is truly one of a kind, and is currently innovating the way people think of burgers , with a fresh taste of what fast food, and healthy eating should be in America.

Why I chose to eat at wahlburgers
as a chef and a passionate culinary-an, I preferred to eat at restaurants that have fresh ingredients with deli-sh flavor food profiles. At wahlburgers you can expect to find the perfect combination of front of the house hospitality, quick service,and burgers grilled to perfection. Also the menu prices are very affordable,and there is a very relaxed none stuffy atmosphere, where guests are not pushed into ordering menu items, but are informed about the food ingredients so that the guest can make the proper decision for their dinning experience.

If you are a parent like my self, then you will enjoy taking your family to eat at walhburgers, when I go out to eat at walhburgers, the staff are equip to handle kids, in fact they welcome kids to eat their. My son was treated with respect and he ate the chicken finger dinner. The chicken was fry-ed till golden brown ,and the fries where delicious, my son ate every last bite.

What makes walhburgers special
  • Hearth Artisan buns
  • Pat Lafrieda Black Angus beef from creekstone Farms
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • great service.

Kids menu Items
  • SmahlBurgers- 3.oz burger with fries
  • Chicken Fingers - bell and evens chicken with golden fries
  • Grilled cheese – served with fries ,and can add bacon and tomatoes.

My Favorites wahlburgers
  • Kid chicken fingers
  • Thanks Giving day sandwich
  • Double stacker burger ( close to ½ LB of meat)
  • House burger (1/3 lb of meat, the house style burger)
  • BBQ Burger ( avocado, jalapeno peppers, cheddar cheese, spicy)
  • OFD ( Originally from dorchester ) must try for any out of towner.

Salads at wahlburgers
  • Spinach
  • classic ( House Salad my favorite)
  • Cesar
  • Almas Macaroni

At walhburgers you can also get some pretty neat cocktails, and alcoholic drinks. They have a full bar, for a guys/girls night out, and will cater to any business dinner or lunch meting. If you are around the south-shore in Boston, and are looking for an excellent Berger joint to have some great food, then you must stop at whalburgers for a bite. Great Job to the kitchen/and front of the house team, i recommend every one to eat at wahlburger is truly a fun experience.