My Silver Spoon Cook Book Review

The Silver Spoon Italian Cook Book Review
Most chefs, cooks, and culinary-an  experts say that the classic Italian cook-Book The Silver Spoon is a must have for any food-consouer. The silver spoon cookbook is One of the most Influential cookbooks around today when it comes to classic Italian Dishes. The Silver spoon is ranked high when it comes to best-selling cookbooks, and is referred  to as the “bible” of Italian cooking.
There are over 400, eye popping stunning   pictures and has 2,000 easily to follow Italian Recipes. This book has a very easy user-friendly methods, so that any newcomer to culinary arts can follow and perform these delicious food   recipes. The Silver Spoon goes beyond just recipes, in the cookbook you can find great Italian Cooking traditions on various Italian  regions ,and also you will see other Top Italian Chefs menus from there popular restaurants.
The celebrity Chefs
·        Mario Batali
·        Toney Mantuano
·        Mario Carbone
·        Rich Torrisi
·        Lidia Bastianich
The Chapter Breakdowns in the Silver Spoon Cooks book
1.     Sauces
2.     Marinades
3.     Flavored Butters
4.     Antipasti,
5.     Appetizers and Pizzas
6.     First Courses
7.     Eggs
8.     Vegetables
9.     Fish
10.  Shellfish
11.  Meat
12.  Poultry
13.  Game
14.  Cheese
15.  Desserts

Publisher Information
  • Book Name: The Silver Spoon
  • Publisher/Date: Phaidon Press; Updated edition (October 24, 2011)
  • Language: English

This Italian Cookbook is a must have, if you do not have a copy of these awesome Book then I suggests you check it out ASAP. The Silver spoon is a great Book and I use it regularly when I cook for my family at home, get your copy today. 

The Silver Spoon New Edition