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12 Piece Stainless Steel cooking Pot Set( Cook n Home )

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4 Quick Tips For Properly Storing Food Safely

When it comes to healthy eating, nothing is more important than storing your food and perishable items properly. Why is storing food so important? Firstly if you are improperly storing food, and edible items wrong, then there is a chance for your food to go rotten, and put you and loved ones in harm’s way of dangerous Bactria. 

Secondly if food is stored in-correctly than you are just throwing money out the window. Finally, if rotten food is put / stored incorrectly in or around healthy food, then bacterial could and has a chance to infect the healthy food and contaminate it.

The above is only a short list of things that could go wrong while improperly storing food. Dont be scared cause Now let me share with you some great easy ways to store food correctly. That way you can  keep your kitchen safe for friends and loved ones.
 Quick Tips for Properly storing food safely and securely.

Tip 1: Always wash hands /and storing equipment
Before you place the food in a tin, tub, can, jar, or anything of the sorts, it is extremely important that you wash the equipment, and make shore it is fully dried out before placing food for storage.

Tip 2: Properly labeling the food product
The keys to properly labeling the food ingredient is to put first the date that the food goes into the storage Unit, then name what is in the unit. A proper Label should look like this (7-7-15 chicken broccoli and ziti)

Tip 3: Keep Cold Food cold and hot food hot.
 In professional kitchens, chefs and cooks have a saying, keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. you see most food bacteria will start growing on food between the temperatures of 40 -140 Degrees.  The key with this temp is that you do not want food to stay at room temp for more then 3 hours, and it is very important to keep the food either hot – or cold.

Tip 4: Chill the food before storage.
 Cool down food before covering and storing. If you cover food for storage while the food is warm, then it will take long for the food to cool down and Bactria will grow on it.  One way to col food down fast and properly is to  use a chilling technique known as placing the food in an ice bath.

The above 4 tips, are great ways to help keep your food stored correctly and safely. Below are some handy equipment I recommend for proper handling and storing foods. 

Home Made General Tso Chicken recipe

Home Made General Tso Chicken recipe With Rice And Pineapple sauce
 The Historic general Tso Chicken recipe is usually a combination of sweetness, mild spicy seasoning, and crispy skin. The chicken is usually diced up in fairly large chunks, and has a light golden brown color. General Tso Chicken is usually deep fried and can be found at many Asian cuisine restaurants in the US. Mostly known as a Hunanese dish, this General Tso chicken recipe is a great dish that will have everybody running to the dinner table.

My General Tso Chicken recipe
·         Level Of difficulty – Medium

·         It is a three part recipe with various different steps  

General Tso Batter Recipe
Cook-Time – 10 Min For Batter preparation-30 min from start to finish
Whole Eggs
Corn Starch
1 Cup
Water ( room Temp)
2 Cups
Salt / Pepper
Chicken Breast
3-4 LBS
1 Cup
Sweet and Sour Pineapple sauce
2 cups
General Tso Batter Directions
Step 1: Crack eggs in a medium sized bowl whip in till all eggs are broken and fully beating.
Step 2: in a separate bowl combine corn starch and water. Break up the corn starch in the water in till smooth. Should be slightly pasty, and thick. (This technique is known as a slurry. Slurry’s are a thinking agent that makes sauces think and smooth).
Step 3: Slowly  mix and add the Slurry ( water and corn starch mix) in with the eggs. Set aside

The above steps is for batter preparation

Step 4: Turn fryer on and set temp for 300 degrees.
Step 5 : While the fryer is heating up, it is the perfect time to portion and cut chicken. I like to use bone less/ skin less chicken breast. 3-4 LBS. With a large or medium diced portion sized.
Step 6: After the fryer becomes hot enough, it is time to start dipping the chicken into the general Tso batter, then place the chicken strait from the batter and right into the fryer. Cook time may vary do to how large or small you cut the chicken. When the chicken becomes golden brown place on a sheet tray sprinkle a pinch of salt, and place in the oven for finishing cooking. Serve and eat.

 Basic Rice Recipe
1 cup
2 cup

Rice Recipe Directions
Step 1: In Medium – small sauce pot bring the water to a ripping boil
Step 2: Add rice to boiling water
Step 3: Cover the rice and turn of heat. (Make shore the pan is sealed tightly so that all the hot air stays in the pan to cook the rice) let sit for 30 minutes. Portion and serve.

Pineapple Sauce Recipe

Pine Apple
½ cup
½ cup
Salt /pepper
Water / stock
3-5 cups

Pineapple Sauce Recipe Directions
Step 1: Peal and dice pineapple set aside
Step 2: combine salt, sugar, water / stock, vinegar, and diced pineapple in a medium sauce pot.
Step 3: on low heat bring the sauce up to a boil and reduce by half.
Step 4: Add Slurry and reduce the sauce by 1/3.

General Tso Chicken recipe Tips
1.    Make shore chicken is fully cooked, ( 165 degrees)
2.    Make rice and sauce prior to making batter and dicing the chicken
3.    Great with any style of rice, or low Mein noodles.
4.    Add various vegetables that you and your  family members enjoy 

Products I Use to Make This General Tso Chicken Recipe

My Thoughts On Chef Pots - My Basics Germany Five piece Pot Cookware Set

From Germany comes this unique high quality Chef pot cookware set. Made with  high standards, and top of the line products, My Basics - Germany five piece pot cookware set is truly in a class of its own.

 My Basics is a legitimate cooking pot set manufacturer, with a variety product line.  they are known for high standard testing for each and every product they sell, combined with a clean smooth and  sleek  cooking pot design. These Cookware pot sets really will stand the age of time.

What Do I Get With My Basics Germany Five piece Pot Cookware Set

  • Five different sized pot set (5 liter, 3 liter, 2.5 liter, 1.5 liter, 1.0 liter)
  • Covers
  • Top of the line equipment that is made with titanium infused stainless steel metal, that helps to keep the proper shape of the pot,discoloration,and also preventing  rust.

Pros - Cons  Of My Basics Germany Five piece Pot Cookware Set


  • Small Amount of pots,this set does not include every pot you will need.
  • lack of variety ( Only different sized  sauce and  soup pots) 
  • Heavy thick pots that could take up a lot of space


  • Exceptional beauty and class
  • Crafted with classic European pot making designs 
  • Perfect for starting your own  cookware pot set
  • High quality and long lasting

Get your pot set today by following the below link.

12-Piece Stainless Steel Cook N Home Cooking Pot Set Review

 this 12 piece stainless steel cooking pot set, is extremely durable,and will fit perfectly in almost every kitchen.Get this Cook N home 12 piece kitchen cooking set and let your home Chef cook like the pros.

While cooking with ease and comfort, the chef will not only look like a pro but also feel like one too. This 12 piece cooking pot set is any chefs dream. These pots are heavy duty,and meant to withstand many years of cooking,and culinary wear and tear.

The best part about these pots, are the  way they conduct and transfer heat. the bottom of the pans are purposely designed to distribute heat evenly no matter if you are cooking with electrical heat or gas. This is the perfect set that will jump start any new kitchen, or kitchen make over project.This kitchen set is finished with stainless steal, that gives the set its sleek look,and shiney display.

Cook N Home Pot Set Material Information
  • 18/0 stainless steel
  • Perfect for all cooking sources (gas, electrical,stove oven)
  • capsulated bottom (Heat Distribution)
  • Aluminum disc inside the bottom for proper heat transferring
Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Set

12 Piece Stainless Cook N Home Cooking Pot Set includes:
  • 1 - 1.5 quart sauce pan 
  • 1- 1.5 quart casserole
  • 1 - 2 quart casserole
  • 1- 3 quart casserole
  • 1- 5.5 quart stock pot
  • 1- 10 inch fry pan 
  • All Come with lids that fit each individual pan 

 The 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cook N Home Cooking Pot Set is very durable and light weight at the same time. This set has everything you need to get the ball rolling and get you cooking in the kitchen once again. 

Know Your Basics - Learn The Basic Knife Cutting Techniques That Master Chefs Use Every Day!

 Basic Knife cutting Techniques 

Weather you are a new-bie in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, one will and must use and understand various knife cuts and their appropriate cooking   uses. If you learn and understand these simple knife cuts, then it will make your cooking experience fun and easy. Every ingredient within in every recipe will use one of these knife cuts. There are   9 major knife cuts one must understand, and I will break them down for you below.

Ø  Small Dice
Ø  Medium Dice
Ø  Large Dice
Ø  Brunios
Ø  Fine Brunios
Ø  Batonnet
Ø  Alumette
Ø  Jueline
Ø  Fine Jueline

If you are new to these cooking terms, don’t worry with a little practice and passion you’ll have these  Knife  cuts down with out a problem. Now lets talk about the four different knive  movement  styles one can use to apply  the above Knife cuts.

Ø  Slicing
Ø  Back slicing – or (heal to toe slicing)
Ø  Knife rocking
Ø  Chopping

Just remember that how you cut and use your knife skills is very important while  cooking your recipes . Your knife cuts on the food will dictate  cooking times and will have a major impact on your plate presentation, so just remember to have fun and try hard to learn these various knife cuts. 

Knife accessories 

Various Knifes and Chef Knife accessories that I Enjoy 

The Perfect Rice Crispy Treat Recipe

How To Create  the Perfect Rice Crispy Treat (My Secret Recipe)!

The secret to perfecting a delicious  rice crispy treat recipe,is very simple and sweet. First it starts with having great ingredients and your favorite brand of marshmallows. Then comes the cooking and cooling process,  followed by the slicing, cutting,and or portioning the Rice crispy treat. After many years of trial and error, I have perfected this awesome snack and I am ready to share my rice crispy treat recipe secrets with you.

The Perfect Rice Crispy Treat Recipe 
Yield: 12 portions
Time: 1 Hour 20 min ( start to finish)

6 cups Rice Crispy treat
1/2 bag Marshmallows (Roughly 4 cups)
1 cap full Vanilla extract
3 TBS Butter
1/4 cup sugar
1/3 cup honey


  • Medium to large cooking pot
  • rubber spatula or wooden spoon 
  • Sheet tray, or cake pan
  • Parchment paper
  • cutting utensils.  

The Perfect Rice Crispy Treat Recipe cooking procedures

1. On very low heat add the Marshmallows and let melt very slowly, stir the marshmallow frequently and thoroughly
2. After half the marshmallows melt down proceed to  add the vanilla extract,butter,sugar,and honey.let melt.
3. After all the ingredients are fully melted and mixed ( it should be smooth with no lumps,and creamy) Add the rice crispy treat and mix throughout don't stop mixing in till everything is incorporated.( about 5 minutes)
Place batter on sheet tray and then place in fridge and let stand for 1 hour. cut and serve.

Rice crispy treats make for the perfect snake for  out door bbqs,birthday party's,family reunion party's,and they make a delicious treat while you enjoy watching your favorite team take the field. I hope you like this recipe and enjoy snaking and sharing with friends and family.

Great Products I Use While Cooking This Rice Crispy Treat Recipe!

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CookBook Review - Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything

Simple cooking! That is the thesis of Mark Bittman's cook book, How to cook everything. How to Cook everything has helped countless home cooks discover the pleasures of simple cooking. This book is priceless to anybody who enjoys cooking, rather it is in a professional setting or from home. 

In this cookbook one will discover new and old classic recipes that showcases the beauty of using mouthwatering, fresh ingredients. In How to cook everything, you will see simple techniques while using basic equipment. You will learn how to prepare delicious meals for every occasion. And feel great  while cooking.

The opening chapter offers invaluable new tips on basic kitchen equipment and techniques, alongside  a vegetarian section with more inspired meatless recipes. While following recipes from How to cook everything, I learned different techniques form fantastic recipes from every corner of the world.

How to Cook Everything is very User Friendly with graphs, and side bar recipe tips, with extra information about ,cooking technique, and  ingredients. Bittman also breaks the book down very clearly so that readers understand what they need to do, when to do it, how to do it, Bittman also describes in detail the different chapters and sub-chapters one may be on with a process he calls At-A-Glance coding. 

Publicizing Information 
Cook Book Name : How to Cook Everything
Hardcover: 1056 pages
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 2 edition (October 3, 2008)
Language: English

How to cook Everything  is a great must have book for any passionate food lover.  Get Your Copy Today! 

MY Shun Chef Knife Review

These Japanese’s style knives are truly in a class of its own. Known to many as Shun Knives, they can be found in almost every professional kitchen and most cooks and chefs alike use them. One of the most accomplished knife designer in the world ken Onion, is the founding father of Shun Knives, and  currently holds 36 design patents in knife designs, locks, and  metal mechanisms. He also works closely with Kershaw Knives.

Shun knives are created with a very hard mixture of metal that is known as VG 10. This metal is known for holding an age for long periods of time, and is made with  32 layers of softer steel that is warped around the VG-10 steel. This Japanese Knife technique helps keeps the shine and smooth appeal of the shun chef knife. 

 Recently Ken Onion  crated a new line of Shun chef Knives, with one thing in mind, The Chefs. This new line of Shun Chefs Knives where designed with an ergonomic feel, and classic look. The Shun Ken Onion knives are designed to relieve the stress on your arm and shoulders that will cascade relief all the way down your body. Shun Chefs knives also come with a curved handle that reduces the gap between handle and palm, and helps with better  chef knife control and comfort.

More  Shun Chef Knife Articles
Shun Chef Knife Review 
 A Look At The Classic Shun Chef Knife
So now that you have a good understanding of how Shun chef knives are made. Take a second and review some of my favorite chef Knives from Shun Chef Knives.

Reviewing The Top Chef Cookbook. TopChef The CookBook

My Review of top chefs cookbook- Top Chef : The CookBook 

Yes its true the reality cooking show Top chef, is one of my favorites,and is truly an inspiration for me when I am trying to figure out what to cook next. Top chef is ranked in the number 1 spot for cooking reality shows in America and Top Chef: the CookBook delivers all the insights one could need about this awesome culinary show.

Top Chef: The cookbook review

This cookbook show fans what it is like inside Americas hottest kitchen, with top of the stove interviews from the shows judges,contestants and crew, take a peak into how the show is made and all the inner secrets of the show.

The Top Chef: The cookbook show cases over 100 delicious recipes from the first three seasons, whitch encludes recpies from the Quick Fire rounds,elimination rounds, and my favorite “restaurants wars” This is a must have book for any TopChef Fan.

Pages – 256
Average customer reviews – 4.5 out of 5 stars
Release date – 8-26-2009

Judges – Padma Lakshmi, Tom Coliccho, Gail Simmons

My WahlBurgers Restaurant Review

Restaurant review: Wahlburgers

The restaurant wahlburgers, is one of the best burger joints around in the south shore. Located in the vibrant hing-ham shipyard, wahlburgers is a world class restaurant is known for their superb burgers,sandwich,fresh quality ingredients, and awesome front of the house dinning room service. Wahlburgers is truly one of a kind, and is currently innovating the way people think of burgers , with a fresh taste of what fast food, and healthy eating should be in America.

Why I chose to eat at wahlburgers
as a chef and a passionate culinary-an, I preferred to eat at restaurants that have fresh ingredients with deli-sh flavor food profiles. At wahlburgers you can expect to find the perfect combination of front of the house hospitality, quick service,and burgers grilled to perfection. Also the menu prices are very affordable,and there is a very relaxed none stuffy atmosphere, where guests are not pushed into ordering menu items, but are informed about the food ingredients so that the guest can make the proper decision for their dinning experience.

If you are a parent like my self, then you will enjoy taking your family to eat at walhburgers, when I go out to eat at walhburgers, the staff are equip to handle kids, in fact they welcome kids to eat their. My son was treated with respect and he ate the chicken finger dinner. The chicken was fry-ed till golden brown ,and the fries where delicious, my son ate every last bite.

What makes walhburgers special
  • Hearth Artisan buns
  • Pat Lafrieda Black Angus beef from creekstone Farms
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • great service.

Kids menu Items
  • SmahlBurgers- 3.oz burger with fries
  • Chicken Fingers - bell and evens chicken with golden fries
  • Grilled cheese – served with fries ,and can add bacon and tomatoes.

My Favorites wahlburgers
  • Kid chicken fingers
  • Thanks Giving day sandwich
  • Double stacker burger ( close to ½ LB of meat)
  • House burger (1/3 lb of meat, the house style burger)
  • BBQ Burger ( avocado, jalapeno peppers, cheddar cheese, spicy)
  • OFD ( Originally from dorchester ) must try for any out of towner.

Salads at wahlburgers
  • Spinach
  • classic ( House Salad my favorite)
  • Cesar
  • Almas Macaroni

At walhburgers you can also get some pretty neat cocktails, and alcoholic drinks. They have a full bar, for a guys/girls night out, and will cater to any business dinner or lunch meting. If you are around the south-shore in Boston, and are looking for an excellent Berger joint to have some great food, then you must stop at whalburgers for a bite. Great Job to the kitchen/and front of the house team, i recommend every one to eat at wahlburger is truly a fun experience.

Quick Review On Shun Chef Knife Blades

 Reviewing Shun Chefs Knifes.

I Have been cooking professionally for over 14 years,and I also love cooking from home for my family. I have used multiple different brands of Chef Knifes,and one of my old time favorites is the Shun series. I currently use my Shun chef Knife every day and I have ben using it for over 8 years,and yes it stays sharts,and smooth, for perfect slices, and knife cuts.Let me share with you some excellent information by reviewing Shun Chefs Knifes.

Shun Chefs Knifes are known for their high class innovative technology with a twist of superb Chef Knife Materials.The blade is forged and is hand handcrafted with over a-hundred steps before completed. All Shun blades are created in a classical japan form that was originated from the Seki City,Shun Chef knifes are the perfect blend of new technologies, with Old Samurai sword making techniques that will give you a cutting experience like never before felt.

Different Styles of metals That make up your Shun Chef Knife.
Layerd Damacus
Tsuchime Finish
Grafittie Edged Blade
Angle Cutting Blade ( Super Light Chef Knife Blade)

Handle Styles On Your Shun Chef Knife.
Hard Classic style wood
Resin Pakkawood

All In all Shun Chef knifes are high qualitly blades that any chef/cook should use.I hope my quick review on Shun Blades have helped you make a decision on and excellent blade/chef Knife Manufractiong company, click the link below to View great Shun Chef knife styles.

Shun VB0718 Sora Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

My Silver Spoon Cook Book Review

The Silver Spoon Italian Cook Book Review
Most chefs, cooks, and culinary-an  experts say that the classic Italian cook-Book The Silver Spoon is a must have for any food-consouer. The silver spoon cookbook is One of the most Influential cookbooks around today when it comes to classic Italian Dishes. The Silver spoon is ranked high when it comes to best-selling cookbooks, and is referred  to as the “bible” of Italian cooking.
There are over 400, eye popping stunning   pictures and has 2,000 easily to follow Italian Recipes. This book has a very easy user-friendly methods, so that any newcomer to culinary arts can follow and perform these delicious food   recipes. The Silver Spoon goes beyond just recipes, in the cookbook you can find great Italian Cooking traditions on various Italian  regions ,and also you will see other Top Italian Chefs menus from there popular restaurants.
The celebrity Chefs
·        Mario Batali
·        Toney Mantuano
·        Mario Carbone
·        Rich Torrisi
·        Lidia Bastianich
The Chapter Breakdowns in the Silver Spoon Cooks book
1.     Sauces
2.     Marinades
3.     Flavored Butters
4.     Antipasti,
5.     Appetizers and Pizzas
6.     First Courses
7.     Eggs
8.     Vegetables
9.     Fish
10.  Shellfish
11.  Meat
12.  Poultry
13.  Game
14.  Cheese
15.  Desserts

Publisher Information
  • Book Name: The Silver Spoon
  • Publisher/Date: Phaidon Press; Updated edition (October 24, 2011)
  • Language: English

This Italian Cookbook is a must have, if you do not have a copy of these awesome Book then I suggests you check it out ASAP. The Silver spoon is a great Book and I use it regularly when I cook for my family at home, get your copy today. 

The Silver Spoon New Edition

Cooking Methods

Cooking   Principles

  The Two Types Of Cooking  Methods

With in the world of culinary arts there are two  main cooking  Methods. Every cooking technique is based around one or the other cooking principles. The  two types of cooking methods are Dry heat method and wet heat method. Often  times you will find some  recipes that will combine both theory’s, and techniques which can be slightly confusing. So lets dig our fork into some basic culinary terminology and take a taste of basic culinary cooking  principles.

Dry Heat Methods ( Method #1)
·         Baking and oven roasting
·         Sautéing  and searing
·         Grilling and broiling
·         Deep Fry and Pan Fry.

 Breakdown Of the Dry Heat Method
When cooking thru the dry heat method, one will see that the heat is transferred, via, air, oil, heat or radiation. Most of the time the temperature is much higher then the wet heat method.

Wet or moist heat cooking   Methods ( Method #2)
·         Braising- Stewing
·         Boil-Simmering-Poaching
·         Steaming

Breakdown Of the wet heat Method
While cooking with the wet heat method, a cook will see that heat is transferred to the food thru, water,  steam, or smoke. Most chefs use,  wine/alcohol ,  and stalk to infuse the food to add extra flavor, and textures.

A Quick Re-Cap On The Above Two Cooking Methods

No matter what recipe you follow, weather it is baking or cooking , the recipe will call for one or the other above cooking  methods, so one must understand the difference between the two. Remember that oil and water don’t mix, so wet methods refer  to water, and anything with fat is reference to dry heat cooking.


Good after noon, welcome to where readers can find some great information about everything related to the culinary arts. so thanks for visiting and keep reading.